The FEC Takes First Steps on a Disclosure Rulemaking

March 23, 2015
posted by Bob Bauer

The FEC last week approved a Proposed Petition for Rulemaking that seeks agency action in various ways to clarify and strengthen public disclosure requirements and expand, as authorized by Congress, the Administrative Fines Program.

The attorneys filing the Petition represent varied and bi-partisan professional backgrounds and experiences. Their point overall is that, while there are obviously major differences separating the Commissioners on a number of issues, the FEC can take effective action on administrative matters of importance over which there should be little disagreement. One point of departure is bringing order, clarity and consistency to its reporting form and guidance. This is a disclosure program around which the entire “regulated community” can rally, with clear benefits to the public.

Similarly, in January of 2014, Congress enacted into law authorization for the expansion of the Administrative Fines Program to include additional categories of minor reporting violations. The Commission has yet to implement a rulemaking to address that expansion, and the Petition calls on it to do so.

Publication of the Notice in the Federal Register will trigger a 60 day comment period.

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